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BODAKDEV, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380054, India
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SevenSpring Tea, established in 2021, stands as a beacon of rejuvenation in the bustling world. With our commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to quality, we invite you to experience the timeless allure of nature’s bounty infused into every sip.

Nature’s ability to cure and repair the body is not a novel concept to humans. Indians have had a close relationship with nature since Vedic times, when nature has proven to be an assistance in the science and art of healthy living.

It’s all in the name! So, when we were reminiscing the exhilarating feeling of rushing into the wholehearted and bright season of spring after a cold winter, it fueled our desire to appreciate nature in some way.

Moreover, the number seven reflects a wholesome character. Be it the seven layers of skin, the seven hues of the rainbow, the seven days of the week, or the seven notes of music. It is intimately tied to everything pious, which God created miraculously.

Hence, together, these words signify “the sense of being whole and healthy with the power of nature’s purity.”


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