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Stonecreek Roofing proudly holds the GAF Presidential Award, distinguishing us as one of the best among the Master Elite Contractors, an elite group that comprises only the top 2% of roofers in North America. With over 1,650 roofing companies in Phoenix, our exceptional service has placed us in Forbes’ list of Best Roofing Contractors in Phoenix.

Your roofs’ metal flashing serves a fundamental purpose. It has to keep the gutter lines and corners free from roof leaks and direct the water off your roof. This responsibility makes a proper installation crucial. Left unrepaired, it can keep water collecting in one place and cause damage. Of course, this will wreak havoc on your day and wallet.

Without an adequately flashed roof, your home is susceptible to water damage. However, the seams that keep it on your roof naturally deteriorate over time. Naturally, this can mean more moisture might be trapped between the metal material and your roof. During an intense monsoon, the metal can sustain severe damage and require replacement.

You should always hire a professional to help inspect and repair any damaged flashing. A quick call to our roofers can prevent you from costly repairs. In the long run, it’s best to take care of the problem as early as possible. Don’t forget, tile roofs need it too.

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