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214 Bay St, VIC 3186, Victoria, 3186, Australia
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We believe that to deliver true quality we must exceed aesthetical and functional delight and deliver a home that performs as well as it looks. After all it’s your family’s health and wellbeing that’s at stake. At Borland Architecture, we don’t take that responsibility lightly.

True quality isn’t just about having something that looks good, that’s a minimal requirement. It is about exceeding expectations on what you see and what you can’t. Our purpose is to design homes that set a new benchmark for families like yours to thrive in and others to aspire too.

All homes should foster rest, social connection, privacy, play and comfort as standard. True quality, appropiate-performance homes furnish the internal environment with just the right amount of fresh, filtered clean air, eliminates contaminates, viruses, moisture, mould spurs etc. These homes are highly insulated, yet seamlessly connected to nature, energy efficient and self sufficient, yet are technologically rich and adaptable for future innovation to grow with your family.


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