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The Whisky Company is a small business founded by Craig and Katherine Merson. It’s a business that’s proud to be Australia’s №1 dedicated online whisky store.

The Whisky Company is a store that’s devoted to bringing its customers the best quality single whisky malt. Its mission is to take you on a global adventure where you can find literally whatever you want. Whether you want to expand your whisky collection or you’re looking for some specific whisky, the Whisky Company has got you covered.

You can have a look at its entire selection of whisky on its online store. They’re carefully organised by country of origin which gives you easier access to everything. Except for scotch whisky, you can expand the alcohol collection of your bar with some other spirits like tequila, brandy, cognac, gin, rum, vodka and liqueurs.

Looking for the right gift for someone shouldn’t also be limited to spirits only because the Whisky Company can provide you with a plethora of gift ideas. Just go online, visit its online store and make your pick. Don’t forget to create an account to start earning points on your purchase that you can redeem to receive money off your next purchase. Happy Shopping!

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