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Timeless Wood Care has over thirty years of experience in virtually all aspects of the log home construction business, and we learned over the years that certain products simply worked better than others. We not only have assembled a catalog of those products that have proven time and again to be of a higher quality, and by bulk purchasing, we are able to maintain an extremely low price structure to help make these products more affordable to our customers. In a similar fashion, we have developed a learning center that is free to our customers that serves as a repository of our experience in log home construction. Helpful articles, tips and tricks to perform specific tasks, FAQ’s and much, much more. We have even created a Directory of Builders who have a reputation for quality and integrity. We appreciate your interest in the world of log home construction, and if we can assist you in any way with your project,

We’re open on Monday–Friday 8:30AM–5:00PM, and you can contact us at (231) 798-8580, or by sending us a message in the link below. We will answer your inquiry as soon as possible.


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