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Unit D1 Innsworth Technology Park, Innsworth Lane, GL3 1DL, United Kingdom
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TK Refrigeration are a Gloucestershire based refrigeration and air-conditioning company. TKR have over 40 years of experience in the field and are the go-to experts in Gloucestershire when it comes to Heat pump installations for both domestic and commercial. We also supply regular maintenance to meet your requirements – regular service calls, one off ‘deep cleans’ and emergency repairs.

As we all know, the weather conditions in the UK can change in a split second! Over the weekend we were blessed with sunny weather and hot conditions, and this week we are expecting a downpour of rain!
That is why you need an air-sourced heat pump for your home, so you can stay in total control of the climate in your home in all weather conditions. Our air-con systems allow you to heat your home when it gets chilly, and keep it cool when it’s hot!
We are expecting even hotter conditions over the next few months, so get prepared today and enquire about our range of heat pumps for your home or park home.
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