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Together Thrive, a prominent human rights organization in India, clarifies the important subject of India’s legislation against mental harassment and how it affects human rights of women in India. In a nation that values women’s rights above all else, mental harassment is still a big problem. To ensure that the rights of victims of mental harassment law in India, Together Thrive works nonstop to spread awareness of the issue and offer assistance to those in need. Our organization believes that knowledge is empowerment, and we strive to empower women by ensuring they are well-informed about their rights. We envision a society where every woman is not only aware of her rights but also equipped to assert them. Through our unwavering dedication, our aims are to catalyze a transformative shift in societal attitudes and contribute to the creation of a safer and more equitable environment for women across India. We are an advocacy organization that works to empower women and advance better legal safeguards so that everyone may live in a society free from harassment and fear. Put your trust in Together Thrive Foundation to defend your rights and be there for you when things go tough.

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