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Leading Silicone Tube Supplier and Manufacturer of High Quality Silicone Products Explore our top notch silicone solutions for diverse industrial applications.

Offers comprehensive product development services when you need them. A team with advanced design, engineering,material, tooling process and product expertise works closely with you to define your requirements, optimize design outputs, and prove out designs through our product test lab.

TOPSHENG SILICONE offers precision
molding made possible by different mold-making operations. and dedicated engineers and technicians with decades of expertise who use the latest software and machining technologies to produce molds designed for quality and efficiency .

No matter the quantity, low, mid to high-volume production capabilities, you can count on TOPSHENG SILICONE to provide custom-molded silicone components of unsurpassed quality on time and with budget, TOPSHENG SILICONE’s best-in-class liquid injection molding, HCR molding and extrution manufacturing technologies are backed by extensive product engineering experience, vast material knowledge, in-house automation and tooling expertise along with the project management skills.

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