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1281 South Rd, South Australia, 5042, Australia
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Trojan Camping & 4×4 is an Adelaide-based business that operates Australia-wide. We specialise in offering affordable, custom-made ute trays and canopies. Our team has spent many years in the industry, dedicating themselves to helping you meet your needs. To that end, they use only high-grade aluminium material in manufacturing trays and canopies. After all, aluminium is lightweight, durable, and can withstand harsh Australian conditions. To top it all off, we listen to our clients and use our expertise to create quality products. Keep your work tools and camping gear safe with our heavy-duty tray and canopy package in Melbourne. We use the on-fold system to ensure our canopies give you unmatched strength and durability. Besides manufacturing, we also complete the installation work. Doing so guarantees a quality job from start to finish. Our tray standard has a 1850w x 1750mml base, a one-piece welded base, a sealed trundle drawer, a side toolbox, removable side rails, and LED max lamp tail lights. Meanwhile, our canopies are 1550l x 1850w x 950mmh with two doors, whale tail compression locks, lift-off legs x4, and powder-coated inside and out. 

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