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Since 2010, Valley Medical has been helping Phoenix lose weight, one pound at a time. We have helped over 68,000 patients Valley-wide lose more than 1.5 million pounds to experience enhanced self-confidence and quality of life through our personalized, success-oriented treatment plans.

Valley Medical Weight Loss was named Best of the Desert for Weight Loss 2022 and has received over one-thousand 5-star reviews, thanks to our hassle-free treatment process and compassionate, approachable providers. Our weekly and monthly weight loss programs, coupled with our world-class aesthetic treatments, help patients to achieve the self-confidence, mobility, and sense of joy they deserve. While we avoid rigid, complicated contracts and restrictions, we hold patients accountable to their individual goals, supporting them to look and feel their best for years to come.

At Valley Medical, we make weight loss easy, fun, and affordable. Our welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere instantly sets patients at ease, allowing for a more comfortable and rewarding treatment process. We believe that every person deserves to thrive, free from the burden and medical concerns associated with extra pounds. Patients can walk into our accessible weight loss clinics in Phoenix, Tempe and Glendale, AZ, and get started the same day with their medications and meal plans. No appointment is necessary!

Semaglutide is a game charger. Considered safe for long-term use, this medication helps patients to shed as much as 15-20% of their body weight. With results nearly on par with bariatric surgery, Semaglutide is an excellent solution for jumpstarting your weight loss journey when combined with a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Semaglutide is especially useful for obese patients struggling with weight-related medical conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes.

Our state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments can be performed on their own or as a complement to your individualized weight loss program. Whether you are seeking cutting-edge facial rejuvenation through PRP injections or a PDO Thread Lift, or you wish to sculpt and redefine your physique using Morpheus8®, Forma® Skin Tightening, or our world-class Lipo Laser, we can help take your self-care to the next level in a comfortable, relaxing med spa setting. Our Pro-Nox pain management system makes it easier than ever to enjoy the benefits of aesthetic procedures without worrying about anxiety, trepidation, or discomfort.

Injectables such as BOTOX®, Juvederm®, Radiesse®, and Sculptra® work by minimizing the signs of aging to reveal your innate attractiveness and youthful glow. With no downtime or discomfort, dermal fillers and neuromodulators can transform the complexion, combating common concerns such as volume loss, lines, wrinkles, creases, and superficial scarring.

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