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64 W 48th ST STE 1406 New York, NY 10036, 10036, USA
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Vibrant Grown Labs is dedicated to the possibilities of sustainably lab-grown diamonds and gemstones, offering a guilt-free jewelry experience. We prioritize preserving nature and believe in the importance of eco-conscious choices. Experience the joy of expertly curated designs, featuring EF-VS quality Lab Grown Diamonds and AAAA quality Lab Grown Colored Gemstones.
Each jewelry piece is individually crafted high quality and  premium metals. Comes with a certification guaranteeing its quality and value of our fine jewelry. We prioritize quality and every aspect to ensure every detail is crafted with impeccable level of attention. At Vibrant Grown Labs, we combine sustainability and luxury in every piece of our jewelry.

At Vibrant Lab Grown Jewels, our goal is to provide affordable and stunning rings, necklaces, earrings, and more. We believe love should be celebrated with beautiful jewelry that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Give us a chance to add a touch of sparkle to your love journey.

Discover our thoughtfully curated collection of jewel pieces, where each gem narrates a tale of innovation and environmental awareness. Join us in shaping a future where elegance harmonizes with ethics, and every sparkle serves a purpose.

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