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106 Silvercreek Parkway North, GUELPH, Ontario, N1H 7B4, Canada
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Welcome to Willow West Dental Office where our commitment is to ensure the oral health of the Guelph community through meticulous dental care services. Specialized in both corrective and cosmetic procedures, our clinic excels in delivering tailored orthodontic solutions including Invisalign treatments that align your smile invisibly and comfortably. Patients seeking traditional methods will find expertly applied fixed braces at our facility as well. Our expertise extends beyond orthodontics; offering root canals, restorative dentistry complete with high-quality crowns and bridges as well as full or partial dentures and precise dental implant placement for lasting smile restoration. We incorporate periodontics into comprehensive patient care plans for optimal gum health while also utilizing effective approaches such as laughing gas sedation for patients experiencing anxiety during wisdom teeth extractions or other procedures. Furthermore, the clinic shines in providing additional aesthetics-oriented services such as teeth whitening sessions aimed at brightening your smile along with cold sore laser treatments for quick healing results. Exemplifying innovation in facial esthetics within dental practices – we skillfully render Botox applications addressing TMD issues alongside desirable lip fillers contributing to one’s facial harmony. Prioritizing preventive methods too; emphasizing airway-centric orthodontics via early interventions like Healthy Start systems coupled with preventive measures such as customized Froggy Mouth devices support long-term positive outcomes when it comes to young patients’ growing smiles while ensuring holistic treatment approaches remain a staple in their exemplary standards of patient care.

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