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40 Leidsegracht, 1016 CM, Netherlands
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Go Work Wize offers comprehensive solutions to companies converting to remote or hybrid workspaces. Global IT hardware management, which includes procurement services, is our area of expertise. Deploy, manage and retrieve IT hardware for your distributed teams. Post-covid, every company was forced to remote work. While some came back to the office, hybrid and full-time remote work models have become a constant new norm. Amid this shift, IT managers encountered numerous challenges, from procuring IT assets to ensuring secure and efficient virtual collaboration…Workwize understood this intricacy. Workwize aims to bridge the gap between the ever-changing demands of remote and hybrid workplaces and reliable, proactive IT asset management.
Founded in 2020, it was built with the idea to set up remote offices and streamline the onboarding and offboarding processes for employees—adapting to the ‘new way of working’ that we’ve seen companies turn to over the past few years. Workwize provides fast-growing organizations with a platform for employees with individual budgets to order IT assets, peripherals, and ergonomic desks and desk chairs.Our Goal: Unlocking Boundless Opportunities for a Global Workforce. We’re very proud to serve 15,000+ users all over the world. With Workwize equipment procurement, management, and retrieval becomes a breeze.

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