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Zeidman Law, situated in the Greater Toronto Area, is a boutique firm excelling in family law. They skillfully handle child custody, support, and spousal support, ensuring families navigate challenging times with ease. Specializing in divorce proceedings and property division, they adhere to the Family Law Act, offering solutions like unbundled services and uncontested divorces. The firm also extends its expertise to wills, estates, and real estate law, providing comprehensive legal support. For dedicated and knowledgeable legal guidance, reach out to Zeidman Law at 905-669-7577 or via email at info@zeidmanlaw.com. Let their expertise guide you through your legal needs.

Zeidman Law, a reputable boutique law firm in the Greater Toronto Area, specializes in comprehensive family law services. Their expertise encompasses child custody, focusing on resolving disputes and ensuring the best interests of the children. They also handle child access, maintaining vital parental relationships post-separation. In child support matters, they guide clients according to the Federal Child Support Guidelines, ensuring fair and responsible financial arrangements.

The firm adeptly navigates the complexities of spousal support, staying current with the evolving legal landscape. For those undergoing divorce, Zeidman Law offers expert legal assistance in obtaining divorce decrees, whether as a standalone process or integrated with other marital issues. They are proficient in drafting and managing various domestic contracts, including cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts, and separation agreements.

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