Express Explainer Video

We will put together an Explainer Video for you in less than 72 hours.

Fill out the information form below and place your order. Copy needs to be approx 100 Words. These are used on your website, Facebook Page, LinkedIn, etc. anywhere you would like to explain specifically your product or service. We recommend using a lot of your keywords and phrases to get into Google and YouTube Search engines (The 1st & 2nd largest Search Engines). We use stock royalty free images and videos throughout your video, with your contact information at the ending and/or beginning of the video. If you require more customization, such as adding in your own pictures and video clip, please refer to our regular Explainer Video Style option. If we feel we cannot complete your project in a timely fashion or it is too involved, we will promptly refund your order.

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Express Explainer + Monthly Ads on Google/Youtube

Learn more about our Month-to-Month Advertising program (click here) but come back to sign up on this page.

$99.95 Per Month (One Time set-up $289.95) Month-to-Month