Expert Interview – Audio to Video

We have found there are 1000’s of people that go online looking for help in 100’s of business areas – All the way from people needing accounting help – to a local zoologist.














We would like to interview you – as the expert in your industry.  We will put together a video, very similar to the version below:





[ss_product id=’b521d48c-5d79-11e5-b300-04012fe20a01′ sku=’ExposeVideo’ ]Interview Audio-Video[/ss_product]




[ss_product id=’c2b4df28-ae4f-11e5-82a9-04012fe20a01′ sku=’Interview%20Audio%20Video%20-%20Monthly%20Plan’ ]Interview Audio Video – Monthly Plan – We create 4 Interviews and 8 Rep Videos (12 per year )[/ss_product]