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Election Day Special  Reg  $599  Today Only  $199 – Explainer Video

When visitors come to your website – make it easy for them explaining what you do.  We take the information in your “About Us” section on your website and create a video for the information on your website itself. Fast, easy and helps market your business to New Customers.

Two Important reasons having a  Video  “About  Your Business”

  • 79% of consumers surveyed would rather watch a video to learn more than read text on a page.
  • Businesses using Video grew company revenue 49% faster, year after year than organizations without – National survey.

Usually 1-2  minutes in length. We use the information in the “About Us” on your website – Please indicate if it is not up-to-date. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

All of our “About Us” Videos use Videos or Images in the background as they go from screen to screen – Not Cartoon Characters. 


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We advertise businesses by zip code, city, county, etc on the Google/Youtube Network. We provide full reports on who watched your ad, how long, what zip code. You choose Age, Zip code, Income, etc.    (Learn More Here)


Election Day Special  Reg $599  –  Today  $199

Only until Midnight  11-6-18





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100 Playbacks Per month YouTube/Google Video Ads –

$39.95 Per Month