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Let your current customers spread the good word about your business, in the simplest and most cost-effective way possible: A public Testimonial 



Let your current customers spread the good word about your business, in the simplest and most cost-effective way possible: A public Testimonial 


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A testimonial is very important to building and maintaining your business.  It is also the least expensive form of advertising.Providing the reader or viewer a verifiable sincere testimonial is extremely powerful.  People want to make the correct choice in purchasing your product/service. Outside of a personal friend recommending you, a third party testimonial is the next best thing. In these days of the internet, asking for a testimonial and having your customer provide it, is extremely simple.  



Here are three ways to do it:

  1. Ask them for a written testimonial
  2. When you are with them and you have completed your service and seem very pleased, just take out your cell phone and record their testimonial, it doesn’t have to be long under 2 minutes is just fine. Than place it on your web site, Facebook page, twitter, etc, Wherever you have a social media presence.
  3. Today, most people have a camera on their computer, desktop or laptop. Just asked them if you can record their testimonial by inviting them to a quick video conference. You just email them, set-up a time when they will be in front of their computer. The entire process done in under 5 minutes.

The biggest and most powerful part of a testimonial is it builds TRUST.  For a buyer to buy, they really need to trust your business. And having sincere and  verifiable testimonials is the best way to go.,  


92% of ALL internet users watched a video last week !


They should be watching a video about your business. Either a spokes model on the front page, introducing your company OR a 5 Star Review Video, from a happy, satisfied client or customer. Having a five star review of your business – is the key to getting new customers, clients or patients.


We search Google, Yelp, and other search engines for reviews of your business and post them on YouTube for everyone to see. These are all optimized in the search engines for top performance.


Please note: This is part of our “Beta” program and may be available at the below price for a limited time.

When I talk to customers I always like to ask them a question, about our videos, ” What do you think something like this personalized 5 Star Video about your business will cost – with a  spokes model,  camera person, graphics, Hollywood style studio, editing and animation.” ?

Most people tell me $3000 – $4000 per video.   Well this is a great deal.  This is a limited time offer as part of our “Beta” program.

We provide several packages below, to fit your budget. Please call if you have any questions or need clarification on description of our packages.

(Allow 5-7 days for production of your 5 Star Review)



One –  5 Star Review Video for your Business – Special only  (NOTE: These only apply for certain dates as advertised)

NOTE:  Our Corp Name is:   PAT-TOM  INC.

 Halloween Specials   1 Video – Fully Produced –  $297  ( BONUS + 1 more FREE)





3 — Videos – Fully Produced –  $495  (BONUS + 2 more FREE)






7 — Videos – Fully Produced –  $995  (Bonus + 3 more FREE)











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We will call up your client/customer/patient (Or they can call us) and create a 5 Star Video review with your client, patient or customer!  All over the internet.

There are two type we produce – the “Video Testimonial 5 Star Review”  or the “Audio Testimonial 5 Star Review”.

We have found some people would prefer not to be on camera – No problem – we simple just record and produce with the

audio portion of their review only and show a background picture of them (See the two samples below)

Video Version Testimonial – These are Hot – Customer’s Love em ! 

A customer Video Testimonial about your business is a powerful way to bring NEW customers in.

How can you do it? It’s super simple! Our clients recorded these themselves on their iPhone and sent us the raw video, and we put it together. We can put one together for you!

Below are two examples of testimonials we recently did (as you watch, imagine your customers talking about your business):



We do all the hard work

Let us put together either a 5 Star written Review Video or a 5 Star Customer Video Testimonial. These 5 Star Review Videos, are short and sweet and to the point AND affordable. People believe and respect customers that give a Video 5 Star Referral

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What you get

*  Green screened, the spokesmodel stands in front of your business, lobby or outside area.

*  We use actual pictures from your business (Usually around 6-10) to highlight what you have to offer and customize the look of a $3000-$4000 Video Commercial, for far less.

*  Videos are used not only on the front page of your web site, but placed on     Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin anywhere you want a social media presence known.  Once complete, you own the video – royalty free too.

Audio Only version