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Tom Brooks

Tom Brooks has been involved in businesses for over 35 years. He began in the radio business in Portland, OR at the young age of 18 as an on-air radio personality and voice-over talent, in which continued for 15 years. In that position, he had the opportunity to work with and promote many different businesses. Tom also has over 23 years of marketing experience as a regional distributor for Safeguard Business Systems, supplying bookkeeping products to small businesses and training their bookkeepers. In 1998, Tom founded the very successful ExpressChecks.com and ExpressTaxForms.com, and started selling business forms to small businesses on the internet. It took 3 months to gain his first customer, but his client base quickly grew to thousands of businesses.(35,000+ of which 7000 remained active).  In 2013 he sold ExpressChecks.com and ExpressTaxForms.com  to Greatland Corporation and started a new business: AProfitableDay.com.


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AProfitableDay.com As a small business owner, you know how expensive it is to acquire new customers and clients. We believe there are more opportunities now than ever before for a small business to expand its customer base, and video is part of the answer. This is why we started AProfitableDay.com. AProfitableDay.com is an internet marketing and video production company that helps small and medium-sized businesses with online visibility. There are several ways to be discovered online as a business, but we have perfected a couple of specific marketing strategies. By using a combination of produced videos hosted on Youtube, we have successfully helped many businesses rank in the search engines and at the top of YouTube. Because the businesses are visible using these marketing strategies, the phones start ringing and bringing in leads for our clients. We can do this for your business too!  tom@aprofitableday.com or call (971) 206-9348

Have a profitable day!


Define: AProfitableDay ?

A profitable day is not merely defined by financial independence but is rather an intricate matter which encompasses personal independence, informed decisions, giving back to the community, building worthwhile relationships and making maximum gains from your passions. Being financially fearless will not fully define a profitable day if you had some strained relationships, silly risks and crumbling passions from which you cannot give back to the community.

Passions that pay off

This is one of the most essential components of a profitable day. The most comfortable people in the world are not those who earn highly but rather the few who have built the most fulfilling careers. The ability to use passion and talent in earning a comfortable lifestyle defines everyday success. A number of people have shunned their academic careers to pursue their passion, and in the long run they rebuild their lives to a super stable state.

When talking of passions that pay off, therefore, you should feel satisfied with what you are doing at the end of the day. If you are not passionate about being a nurse, it will be a burden and rather waste of time regardless of the amount that you earn. It is a matter of feeling satisfied with the work that you have done at the end of the day.

Establishing meaningful relationships

Man was never meant to live in solitude. If you can authenticate this practically at the end of the day, it will partly be a profitable day for you. Worthwhile relationships are not just social but also professional. As we move executing activities of the day, the people we interact with should naturally become part of our inner circle that makes our life complete.

How many friends did you make at the end of the day? How many of these have you turned into enemies. While it is not possible to do away with enemies, it is good if you make more and more meaningful relationships each day. Be they personal or professional, the manner in which you communicate should earn you totally new relations each day in order for it to qualify as a profitable one.

Giving back to the community

Despite the fact that it is impossible to be totally selfless, at least you should impact the lives of the people around you by the activities that you pursue each day. If you are into manufacturing for instance, the products that you produce should have the capability of changing people’s lives. If you deal with a company that produces oil and gas, you can choose a voluntary program which seeks to improve the environment so that the community benefits from your work. At the end of the day, impact people’s lives through the services that you offer, products that you manufacture and the knowledge that you posses. This comes with a feeling of satisfaction and prestige.

Independent decisions

Many are the decisions that you will make each day, most of which will have a profound effect on your life and the lives of those around you. There is one concern though; are those decisions independent or is someone somewhere pushing you? If you are capable of making decisions out of free will at the end of the day, it means you will be held responsible for the gains and downsides that come along with such decisions. Similarly, they ought to be informed decisions and not acts of desperation in order for you to have a generally successful day.

Financial independence

Profit always translates to financial gains, and it would be unfair to talk of a profitable day without mentioning some financial gain. Money is needed to sustain life, a reason why you should have enough of it to be comfortable. Ability to provide for the significant others in your life is a sure indicator that the day went so well with you. Above all, financial independence should be measured on the basis of what you gained in relation to the day’s goals. Attaining all your day’s goals will surely shower your day with happiness.

In general, a profitable day is determined through various factors and not financial gains alone. Striving to strike a balance between all these facets determines success and ultimately defines what a profitable day looks like.