A Video for your business

Why a Video for your business?:

  • Videos help convert prospects into customers – Just look at what TV has done over the years. A fraction of what it use to cost AND you have 100% control over the message.
  • A lot more can be communicated in a 1 Minute video to a prospect than 1 minute of text on a page.
  • Video – Especially 5 Star Review Videos – Build trust with the viewer.
  • Google Loves Videos – Customers look for you every day online – By showing up higher in search (Not paid but organic) Google will more likely show your video.
  • Video appeals to Mobile Users – Almost half the web visitors are now on mobile devices.
  • Video Marketing explains everything and the viewer can share with others too.


Customers Search for you on Google Everyday – Create 5 Star Review Videos!

1 – 5 Star Review Videos

5 Star Review Videos – Build your reputation and have video thumbnails show on google – for examples just type in Google.com ‘Aprofitableday Reviews” The thumbnails showing are natural showings – not paid. More info here: (Click to our 5 Star Page)

Most visitors stay on your Website for 20-30 seconds then leave – Create an Explainer Video to grab their attention!

2 – “About You” or Explainer Video

About You Video — We turn the information you provide or from your “About Us” section on your website into a simple, easy to understand video. 79% of Website visitors indicated they would rather watch a Video than reading written information. (Click here to Learn More)

Promote your business by zip code, age, income, interest, etc. Use Google/YouTube Display Advertising – We have a complete program at $99 per month.

3 – Advertising/Promote On Google

Our Advertising program we do on Google/Youtube – We create an ad about your business, run it and provide you monthly reports. The best part it is by Zip code too. (More Info Here)

An “Earworm” for your business – A funny term but what it means is you want customers to sing – remember you. We create a jingle with your search terms, name and phone number.

4 – An “Earworm” for your business

An Earworm for your business – A song/jingle for your business. Select your key words, selling info or unique offer, we address and phone number. We create a jingle for your business to advertise online, your website, Facebook Page, etc. (Click Here)

What do all the big companies do? After a customer has bought something? YES – They ask for feedback – Now by email or Mobile phone – Ask “Would you recommend us”? To Every Customer!

5 – Ask for Customer Feedback

Our Reputation Marketing system – Ask for feedback and Manage, Build and market your 5 Star Reputation – You have a complete CRM and control. More info (Click Here)