Why customer Testimonials work ?



A testimonial is very important part to building and growing your business. It is also the least expensive form of advertising. Providing the viewer a verifiable sincere testimonial is extremely powerful in building your company’s “good will”. Obviously, people want to make the correct choice in purchasing a product/service and a testimonial helps to guide them to the correct decision. Outside of a personal friend recommending you and your business, the third party testimonial is the next best thing in building trust.

In these “new” days of our internet communication, asking for a testimonial and having your customer provide it, is extremely simple to do. (Granted, not everyone will provide a testimonial, but the simpler you make it for them to create, the higher the percentage of people will provide one)

Here are three things to consider:

  1. Just ask them for a testimonial. Use the words something like: “Our staff works really hard to make sure we are always providing good service to our customers, would you mind giving us some feedback on your recent experience working with us, so we may share it with others” ? Make it as simple and easy as possible 2-4 questions is the maxim.  More than that and you risk not getting important feedback completed.
  2. If you are face-to-face with a happy customer, ask them would if  they mind if you could share there comments with your other staff and allow you to record their feedback, via your cell phone. Short and simple under two minutes. Cell phones provide great video quality, the audio portion is a challenge. Try and be in a quite location, with the person no more than 4 feet away. It’s ok if the person wants to look directly into the camera, if they are comfortable. We have found the best way to handle this is you hold the camera and have them talk directly to you – most people find this much easier and relaxing when recording. They are simply having a conversation with you and you happen to be recording it.Once you have created it just upload it to Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter or any other social media site where prospective customers are.
  3. Most people today have a camera on their computer – desktop or laptop. Call any of your “A” customers and ask them for their “feedback” Then connect up with them via a quick video connection via YouTube, Zoom or any number of video connection services. You can record them in generally less than 5 minutes time.

If you do any of the above with your customer, besides obtaining a great testimonial, you are building “Good Will” with that customer. It shows you really value their opinion, in how you operate your business. Just by asking the question every business owner wants to know: Are we doing a good job in satisfying your needs AND how can we improve ?