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8 Video Marketing Content Ideas


So you’ve heard that video marketing is essential for your marketing plan. You’re just not sure what to make a video about. You’ve been planning to make a video for a while, but you just don’t have any ideas. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with a list of 8 content ideas to get you started.


  1.  Address Questions or Provide Advice

Create a video that answers recurring questions that clients have. You can focus on only one question during a video, or address several at a time. You may even consider answering questions that you wish your clients would ask. You can use this kind of video to dismiss common concerns and objections that your audience may have.

A great way to create this kind of video is to pose the question, issue, or myth at the beginning. Then answer, resolve, or prove it later in the video. You could even create a video series and wait to answer the question until the following video. This will give you a reason to create another video and keep people interested in the subject.

You can also provide advice that your clients will need about a certain subject. Make a video about the essential tips, keys, and resources that your clients need to know about. Lists are a great way to go about this. For example, give 8 tips for creating exciting video content or the 3 keys to the perfect family vacation. In this video, you can address common mistakes that you see and help others avoid making the same mistake.

  1.   Demonstrate Tutorials

Give your audience the “how-to” to pretty much anything. It doesn’t have to be focused solely on your products or services. Include any ideas that flow with your subject and will help your followers. This will extend your scope to a broader audience.

Tutorials will help your followers solve problems and in return, you will gain their trust. Put together a simple and easy-to-follow demonstration of the topic. Guide them through the steps of planting a garden or how to re-purpose a drab room. You can even make an entire video series of a longer tutorial.

This kind of video is especially great for new releases. Faithful followers will be excited to learn about your new product or service. New clients may even be pulled in with a “how-to” about something they’re interested in. Letting your audience experience step-by-step your new feature will let them see for themselves why it’s so great.

  1.   Conduct Interviews

Not every video you produce has to come just from you. In fact, it will keep things even more exciting by bringing in someone new. Consider conducting an interview with an expert that could provide new insight or ideas for your audience. Perhaps it’s someone that created a resource in your field, or a well-known speaker in the trade. Bringing guests into your videos will keep your videos intriguing and build resourceful relationships.

You can also conduct a less formal interview video. Try conducting and filming a public poll. Ask the public their opinions on an issue and put them together for a natural and unprompted feel. Your audience will appreciate the genuine opinions of people just like them about your products.

  1.   Exhibit Products

Whether it’s your own product or an outside resource, exhibiting helpful products will pique your followers’ interest. Record the revealing of a new product that your followers will love. Or review a product that you think your audience will be interested in. Either way, demonstrating a “new” anything makes for an exciting video.

For a successful exhibition video, be up to date with current trends and popular subjects. This will pull in new crowds who are searching about these issues. You can even have a little fun with it and make a parody video about another video, a product, or song.

  1.   Build a Relationship

As always, building a relationship with your followers is important. There are several ways to do this. Anything that will be personal can be used to build a relationship with your clients. Something as simple as asking for their comments and opinions at the end of the video will get you started.

We’ve talked about showing off your products and services, but perhaps even more importantly, you need to show off your mission statement. You can create an inspirational video that highlights the “why” behind what you do. Discuss the theory of your company as well as your personal journey to getting to where you’re at now.

Consider sharing experiences from your personal life and the things that you care about. Besides introducing yourself, you can present your entire team. Record a typical day in the office and condense it into a few minutes to introduce each person—from the mail delivery guy to the office manager. Let people get to know each of you on a personal level.

  1.   Present Statistics

Videos with statistics are very popular. Tell people how some interesting statistics will impact their lives. An excellent way to make a video using statistics is through infographics. They’re impactful and shared a lot across social media.

Make your statistics even more interactive by using a whiteboard to tell the story. All you need is the camera, a marker, and a little artistic skill. Something as simple as a whiteboard video will stick in your followers’ minds and they’re bound to share it. Make sure to wrap up the video by calling the viewer to action based on what they’ve learned.

  1.  Feature Testimonials

Create a video featuring several of your clients that have appreciated your services. Testimonials are always helpful to potential clients, but they are even more sincere when they’re filmed. Consider interviewing multiple clients in one video, or you can focus on one client’s story per video. This kind of testimonial will make your company seem more personal and your audience will be able to see that other people have genuinely loved your service.

  1.       Record Events

Any event is a great excuse to produce a new video. Videos can be used before, during, and after any occasion to promote your business. Try creating a video before an upcoming event to promote participation. During the event, you can film the “behind-the-scenes” of perhaps a motivational seminar or a local competition. Interview the keynote speaker or a contest winner. This will keep your audience intrigued about what it’s really like at your event. And following the event, be sure to produce a video highlighting the key points or fun moments that occurred. Covering any special occasion will keep your followers interested and ready to sign up for the next fun event that you host.

You can host your own virtual event by creating a video contest. Extend a challenge for your followers to create and submit their own videos about a certain topic. For example, give them a lead such as “The Most Creative Snowman” and let them run with it. Offer a prize and publish the winning videos. This will spark enthusiasm and interaction with your followers.

Hopefully this list will help you get started on your video marketing plan. Make your own list based on the ideas here and you’ll be surprised at how fast inspiration will come. You can even go back through your previous posts and create a video about existing content. There’s nothing wrong with using a good idea twice.


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