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Video is the key to generating more business!

We have found that the more up front and open you are with people online, the more they will take an interest in what you have to offer. Video is a great way to communicate that. The only thing better would be the customer sitting in front of you at your business.

Every business is at a different level of growth. With that in mind we can start small and grow with you adding more customers.


Here are a few ideas to consider:



I started with Google adwords in 2004, in the next 8 years spent over $500,000 in advertising to promote the business. It works. Brought in 1000’s of new customers that ordered from us over and over for many, many years.  Today, 2015-2016, the best value for your dollars, is still google adwords (with Video) and Facebook/Instagram ads. When advertising you have to clearly define your demographic or you are wasting dollars. Keep your message short and sweet – usually 1 minute or less.


Manage your business reputation

No kidding, this is a no brainier. Seems simple, but you have to do it the correct way and it takes time. If you have a website (which I’m sure you do) you have to monitor your reputation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anything that anyone says on over 70 web posting sites about your business, you need to know what was said, and be prepared to reply.


Build your business reputation

Every – I mean EVERY customer that you do business with – that is happy with your service (Which 99% are) you need to ask them for help. You and your staff work really hard to provide a good service to them and would appreciate a quick review.


Market your business reputation

According to a “Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey” the following questions was asked: “To what extent do you trust the following forms of Advertising ?”  92% lead with “recommendations from people they knew”.  AT 70% was “consumer opinions posted on line”, well above newspaper articles, websites alone and TV ads.



So how many reviews does a business need to be trusted ?  To be trusted it takes 6-10 reviews. To be the chosen “business” by the consumer  it takes 10 reviews minimum.

Get started today.

  1. See where you are at. Find out what prospects/customers are saying about your business with a FREE Reputation report (Click Here)
    You can also type in “[Business name] [City] reviews.”  Here a a couple of examples: Type in: “Tiffany Tampa Review”  or try my favorite: “Aprofitableday reviews.” What do you notice on each of these pages?  The video thumbnail. Most of the time people will play the video and call the business with that video.  This page shows you some great examples of what we have done: (Click Here)
  2. Create a video. You can turn your 5 Star reviews into 5 Star Review Videos. Do you want to be known as the expert in your field?  Start by creating a video starring you, and place it on the front page of your web site.  Here are some examples: (Click here) Create them every month, over time Google will index them. Once you have this established it will help you in the rankings and build more traffic to your web site.As you can see, you don’t have to appear on camera. A “Voice video” works fine. It conveys to the customer/client/patient helpful “tips” to show you are an expert in your field. These are called: “Expose Style” videos. Simple and fast to do over the internet. We create all of them and provide you with the copy.
  3. Find a business that can provide a complete Reputation Marketing Strategy for you:
  • Train your staff on Reputation
  • Develop a Reputation Strategy for you to get reviews fast!
  • Build your reputation & position you as the market leader
  • Monitor & Alert you on New Reviews Everyday
  • Build a customized mobile app to collect reviews
  • Program professionally designed survey and feedback pages
  • Create Monthly Reputation & feedback Analysis Reports – build your “culture”
  • Post reviews to Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, and Twitter
  • Create professional review images for daily syndication
  • Create & Broadcast monthly “Review Commercials”

We do ALL of the above – for less than you might think. It’s like hiring a full time employee, but for less.

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