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What Videos to Make in 2015

2015 videos are all about gently guiding the consumer in the right direction. In order to do this, you need a video for each step in the buying process. For example, what can you do to grab people’s attention? And once you’ve got them listening, how will you keep that spark alive? What will you do to build their trust in your company and make the purchase decision? If you know what you want your audience to know at each phase of their purchase decision, you’ll know exactly what kind of videos to make.

First: An Attention Grabber

Since so many people spend a lot of time on social media, you’re more than likely to be discovered somewhere like Twitter, Facebook, Vine, or Instagram. To really grab people’s attention, you have to understand how these platforms work. For one thing, online communication revolves around short attention spans and concise statements. Your attention-grabbing videos will do best if they cater to the short amount of attention they’re going to get. For example, videos can now play automatically in users’ feeds on Facebook and Vine. What are they going to see in the five seconds they spend on your post before scrolling on? Make your message quickly viewable to really catch people’s attention.

Next: Building Momentum

Now that you’ve got their attention, what are you going to do with it? You’ve got to keep them interested. One way of doing that is through making customer-generated content. Videos that come from customers actually create more responses than content that your company produces. So instead of spending all that precious time in developing a script and perfecting your message, give the responsibility to your viewers. A good way to get your customers behind the camera is to make a video contest and offer a prize for the best video. Letting your audience create videos of their interactions with your product will show off your product in a genuine light. Everyone else will want  to know why people are so excited about your product and will find out more.

Now: Creating Loyal Views

You now have an interested audience, but they need a reason to come back for more. The best way to addict your viewers is through making series of videos. Here’s one idea of an effective video series: make tutorials. Instead of giving away all your secrets, how-to videos will make people want to know more about how you do what you do. Video tutorials will make your seem like the expert in your field and customers will return for more and more tips and how-to’s.

Finally: Making A Connection

While there’s a place for those 10 second videos, not all of your content should be that short. Now that you have loyal followers, you need a way to make them trust you. What’s your story? Build a connection with your audience with videos that explain who you are and why you do what you do. You can make a video interviewing leaders in your field, or even customers, to inspire and build trust with your audience. A personalized story will bring human emotion into your marketing campaign. Stories are what will make your customers connect with you and it’s what they’ll remember most.

If you know how to really grab people’s attention, keep them interested, and make them loyal followers, your videos will be a success. They will then trust you enough to give you their business.


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