Why You Need Video To Market Your Business

Video is a fast growing way of marketing, especially on social media. Today it seems like marketers are all about video advertising. But why? And are there really that many marketers that are actually advertising with video? As it turns out, video is a powerful tool in generating shares, awareness, and publicity. In this post, we’ll talk about how many marketers are actually using this trend and why it should be part of your marketing strategy.


Why Video?

600 marketers were surveyed in a 2013 survey by Business Video Trends Reports. Of those surveyed, an astounding 93% are currently using video as part of their marketing strategy. Most of these marketers use video in various ways, such as email campaigns, social media trailers, and YouTube tutorials. Regardless of their methods, 82% of the respondents believe that video has had a positive impact on their company and nearly ¾ of them plan to increase their spending on video in the future.
Since this survey in 2013, video marketing use continues to grow yearly. And it’s obviously effective for many companies. Another survey done in 2015 by Brightcove, CMI, and MarketingProfs found that 70% more marketers are using video than they were in 2013, just two years ago. The findings suggest that video is one of the most essential components to a good marketing strategy. Why? Videos are adaptable to various forms of marketing and can be created for many different purposes. Here are a few of the reasons why marketers are turning to video:

• Video is a good way to interact and engage with audiences on social media. Some of the most popular sites for videos include LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. When these sites are treated as a social network, meaning that your company is actively engaging with its audience, video is extremely effective.
• Videos are effective in getting the message out there. Sites such as YouTube and Facebook get millions of viewers every day.
• Video is easy and cheap to create.
• Video is personal. Your audience can connect better with a person that they can actually see. They’ll be able to put a face to your company.
• Videos increase your searchability. Search engines love videos with keywords and place them higher in Internet searches.

Video continues to grow and won’t stop from here. In order to create an effective marketing strategy, your company can’t afford to not be implementing video. More and more companies are taking advantage of video marketing and they’re seeing the results. It appears this trend is here to stay.