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Google has your number – Have you checked lately?

Do you ever run a report on your business in Google, to see how many of your potential customers/patients/clients type in your name or type in your business category to see if people are searching for you?


  1. A) First see the chart below for Average Monthly over the last 12 months search volume. People are looking for your business on line.


  1. B) Now that you know people are looking you up – How do you compare in number of reviews (5 Star Preferred) and what is your “Online” score  assigned by google, based on your average review. To find your specific business, most people type the following:  “Business Name – City – Reviews”


Take action,  once you see your score.  The best way to do this is have a system that asks every client/customer/patient for feedback – If it’s positive – you need to have them post it publicly.  Having the Review/Feedback  on your web site is nice but, for instant credibility it should be done by a third party. Google, which rates over 90 million businesses is by far the most trusted. There are many, many services that have a great “system” to get “feedback” and reviews from customers.  


Having a high rating score on Google with many 5 Star Reviews is a great company asset,  that will pay for many years to come. The dividend,  is adding new customers  that contact you because of your high score and reviews listed.


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