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Did you rig this listing with Google?

I get this several times a week – So how much are you paying google to have all those thumbnail Videos on the front page ?

The answer is...Zero

Nothing – not a dime.

I have been a big Google fan since Feb 2002. That’s when I opened my Google AdWords account. The pay per click was a big, big deal. It’s how I built my former online business from NO customers served to over 36,000 in around 10 years – over $7 million in sales – spending over $ 525,000 in pay per click with Google. Selling business checks and tax forms in my prior business (you may or may not of heard of it: As one of Google’s earlier advertisers, (I am advertiser 6450) they used to send nice gifts at Christmas. One year, they sent us a small refrigerator, the kind you could take in your car or motor home and plug in your cigarette lighter and have it either be hot or cold inside. It was a neat gift, but things change.

In one of those would-a-could-a-should-a deals. I, along with many others, was made aware of Google stock coming out. They were selling it by the Dutch bidding process: you couldn’t know the price until others had bidded as well. I passed…not a chance am I going to buy something without knowing the final price. Oh well, we all make mistakes.

The one thing I have stuck with from 2002 on, is playing the Google game. If you want to rank well and be listed with them, you had better follow their game.

I am still an advertiser with Google, but spend it more in Video Ads, than the words ad.

So why is any of this important ? Well, the next wave is coming, in fact to many of my customers, that have figured it out today and are doing it: VIDEO marketing. If you want to rank well with you had better have a video in the search results and you had better have close to a 5 Star Reputation with lots of reviews, to be taken seriously by new customers.

According to Bright local you need at least 6-10 reviews to be taken seriously.

People now trust, legitimate, verified 5 Star Reviews as much as a friend or family member recommendation. Google does verify and has several ways, to verify a person’s review. Google is the most trusted review company on the internet. Period.

I have heard horror stories about other companies that sell their services along with getting reviews. Several stories, not just a few. One in particular, a review company (not Google) posted a negative review, from a patient, the doctors office has no record of. That company actually refused to take it off. I am certain this costs this doctor’s practice 1000’s of dollars in lost patients, who saw this review near the top of this companies review listings for this office. Again, although a fake review, they refused to take it down.

Google and their review system they have set-up is the only game in town.

Most of the time, when checking out a company, here is what most people type into google:

“Company name – City – Review” in that order.

Try our company,

or you can just click this: Lake Oswego Review

You will see many, many thumbnails showing. When most people see this on the front page of google, they click the video and play it.

We are paying nothing for this. Outside of our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of each and every video we produce. It’s all Google Organic: non paid positions.

A lot of people do can do this for you but, with our expertise and a great price on our video production, we believe we have the best system available today.

If you have not had a 5 Star Review Video done for you, it is so easy and fast.

Now they we have started the 4th Quarter of 2016 we realize that 2017 is just around the corner. Now is a great time to get prepared for it. A lot of people never thought the day would come when the would NOT need a phone book. The world is changing all the time. I urge you to get a 5 Star Review Video done for your company. Produced for your business, either by us or somebody else.

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